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Get ready - sit up straight and loosen any tight clothing to be as comfortable as possible.
Step 1 : Bend your head forward, chin on chest, then back to original position.
Step 2 : Bend to the right, then back to the original position.
Step 3 : Bend backward, then back to the original position.
Step 4 : Bend to the left, then back to the original position.
Step 5 : Bend forward, chin on chest, move from right to the left, then move from left to right.
Step 1 : Sit up straight in chair. Take the foot with both hands.Inhale as you extend the leg.
Step 2 : Keep the spin straight and long.Keep your pelvis aligned with the lower and mid back.
Step 3 : Stay in this position for 3 or 5 breathing cycles. Exhale as you bring hands on waist and keep your leg straight, toes pointed.
Step 4 : Maintain this positions for 3 to 5 breathing cycles. Breathe out as you relax the leg, returning your foot.
Step 5 : Relax for one breathing cycle and repeat on the other side.
Step 1 : Sit up straight in chair. Inhale as you move shoulders up and forward. Exhale as you move shoulders down and backwards.
Step 2 : Keep the motion fluid. Pay attention to keeping the spine tall.
Step 3 : Perform ten rotations in each direction.
Step 1 : Sit up straight in chair, arms down at your sides with palms facing inward.
Step 2 : Inhale as you extend your arms outward, reaching up towards the ceiling as your palms turn up. Join them overhead as you tilt your chain up, head gently falling back.
Step 3 : Exhale as you bring hands down and head back into neutral position.
Step 4 : Keep your core engaged as if you have a belt tightened around your waist. Keep spine and arms long.
Step 5 : Perform for three breathing cycles.
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