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World Sport
CHANTILLY, France (Reuters) - Wayne Rooney and Roy Hodgson have called on England to be ruthless in their attacking play during their Euro 2016 knockout clash with Iceland in Nice on Monday.
American Sport
KINGSTON (Reuters) - Usain Bolt's coach is convinced the Jamaican phenomenon can once again put aside injury concerns and mediocre form to maintain his grip on the major sprint titles at this month's world championship.
Indian Sport
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Live Sport Scores
Cricket Scores
Gloucestershire 303/10 v Durham 270/4 *
Hampshire 455/10 v Yorkshire 128/6 *
Kent 142/7 & 259/10 * v Derbyshire 159/10
Lancashire 152/2 & 109/10 * v Somerset 278/10
Soccer Scores
Soccer #Livescore: (AUS-ACT) #Cooma vs #CanberraOlympic: 0-1. Goal for Cooma
Soccer #Livescore: (AUS-NSW) #SouthCoastWolves vs #HakoahSydneyCity: 1-0. Goal for South Coast Wolves
Soccer #Livescore: (JPN-L1) #JefUnitedChiba(W) vs #NaganoParceiro(W): 2-0. Goal for Jef United Chiba (W)
Soccer #Livescore: (AUS-NNSW) #WestonWorkers vs #NewcastleJetsYouth: 0-0. Halftime
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