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McDonald's sorry after French workers forbidden to feed vagrants
PARIS (Reuters) - McDonald's has apologized for an incident in which workers in one of the U.S. burger chain's French franchises appeared to be threatened with the sack for feeding homeless people.
12 Aug 2015 14:43 - Share
Goats and herbs: Germans get back to basics in deserted Bulgarian village
ODRINTSI, Bulgaria (Reuters) - A self-described shaman who discovered the healing powers of herbs while seeing visions on his sickbed; a former consultant for IBM who ditched PowerPoint presentations to drive across Africa and an artist from Luxembourg who is a qualified plumber.
12 Aug 2015 10:38 - Share
Forget Trump, Canada candidate slays dragons to nab votes
VANCOUVER (Reuters) - He rides a Canada goose, slays a dragon and fist bumps an alien - and that's just in the first 30 seconds of Wyatt Scott's campaign video for the upcoming Canadian federal election.
12 Aug 2015 15:09 - Share
Dog killed in Florida found with note: 'WE BEAT IT 2 Death lol! :) HAHAHA!'
(Reuters) - A 13-year-old dog was found beaten to death at a home in the Miami area with a handwritten note taped to it that read: "WE BEAT IT 2 Death lol! :) HAHAHA!," police said on Tuesday.
11 Aug 2015 17:43 - Share
Three-year-old boy becomes mayor of small town in Minnesota
(Reuters) - A freckled-faced three-year-old boy has gotten a few valuable pieces of advice from his six-year-old brother since he succeeded his elder sibling as mayor of a small town in northern Minnesota.
11 Aug 2015 16:27 - Share
Texas judge gives man a choice: get married or go to jail
TEXARKANA, Texas (Reuters) - A 20-year-old East Texas man jumped into a quickly arranged marriage after a judge told him last month he had a choice of getting hitched or spending 15 days in jail on an assault charge.
7 Aug 2015 16:04 - Share
Three charged in 'bizarre' New York break-in, home occupation
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Three men have been charged with breaking into a New York City home, changing the locks and demanding that the rightful owners turn over the deed, in a case that a prosecutor on Friday called "truly bizarre."
7 Aug 2015 13:21 - Share
FBI hopes grainy video will help solve 25-year-old $500 million art heist
BOSTON (Reuters) - Federal investigators in Boston on Thursday released 25-year-old surveillance video showing a security guard admitting a man to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum the night before it was robbed of $500 million worth of art in the largest such heist in U.S. history.
6 Aug 2015 15:30 - Share
Prisoner surfs out of Norway jail
OSLO (Reuters) - A convicted sex offender has escaped from a Norwegian island prison on a surf board, using a plastic shovel to paddle to the mainland, officials said on Wednesday.
6 Aug 2015 13:03 - Share
Another lion-like animal spotted in Milwaukee metro area
MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Another large mountain-lion type of an animal has been spotted in metro Milwaukee, where similar reported animal sightings have captivated residents in recent weeks, authorities said on Thursday.
6 Aug 2015 10:50 - Share
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