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Australia's taste for fast food puts innovation on menu
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Fast food may be falling out of favor in many countries around the world but companies are making healthy profits and boldly innovating in the unlikely market of Australia.
13 Aug 2015 07:52 - Share
Goats and herbs: Germans get back to basics in deserted Bulgarian village
ODRINTSI, Bulgaria (Reuters) - A self-described shaman who discovered the healing powers of herbs while seeing visions on his sickbed; a former consultant for IBM who ditched PowerPoint presentations to drive across Africa and an artist from Luxembourg who is a qualified plumber.
12 Aug 2015 10:38 - Share
Glass of good wine is daily elixir for world's oldest twin brothers
GHENT, Belgium (Reuters) - Eating in moderation, drinking a glass of good wine every day and avoiding chasing women are the secrets of a long life, Belgians Pieter and Paulus Langerock, the world's oldest living twin brothers, say.
12 Aug 2015 15:14 - Share
South Korean 'love hotels' clean up act to woo youthful clients
SEOUL (Reuters) - The grimy windows, racks of adult videos and red bedroom lights are disappearing from South Korea's short-stay hotels as they move upmarket to lure young people who are shedding conservative attitudes in favor of more openness about sex.
12 Aug 2015 07:47 - Share
Designers celebrate vibrant Ankara fabric at London's African Fashion Week
LONDON (Reuters) - Designers from around the world played with the vibrant hues and striking patterns of the African wax print fabric known as Ankara on the runways of London's African Fashion Week last weekend.
12 Aug 2015 09:55 - Share
Daredevil Nik Wallenda walks high wire above Milwaukee racetrack
MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Acrobat Nik Wallenda on Tuesday completed his longest high-wire walk ever above the Milwaukee Mile racetrack during the Wisconsin State Fair, ending with a thumbs up to the crowd below giving him a wild ovation, a fair official said.
11 Aug 2015 21:36 - Share
FBI tracking tips spurred by video tied to 25-year-old Boston art heist
BOSTON (Reuters) - Days after surveillance video from the 1990 Stewart Gardner Museum heist was made public, FBI officials on Tuesday said they are investigating a "handful of tips," including one identifying a mystery man let in to the museum the night before it was robbed of $500 million worth of art.
11 Aug 2015 12:49 - Share
British 'bobbies' take to the beat in Balearic resorts
MADRID (Reuters) - Two British police officers are helping to patrol some of the most raucous resorts on Spain's Balearic Islands this month in an attempt to encourage British holidaymakers there to behave themselves.
11 Aug 2015 15:59 - Share
'Sea monster' figurehead salvaged from Baltic Sea wreck
AT SEA NEAR RONNEBY, Sweden (Reuters) - A wooden figurehead of a sea monster with ears like a lion and a crocodile's jaw was carefully lifted from the sea in southern Sweden on Tuesday by divers bringing up treasures from the wreck of a 15th-century Danish warship.
11 Aug 2015 22:38 - Share
Longer time off for U.S. parents welcome, but bosses must lead the way
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Better paid leave for new parents is long overdue in the United States, and executives must lead by example to persuade hard-working, vacation-averse Americans to take advantage of such a benefit, family and employment experts said on Monday.
10 Aug 2015 17:50 - Share
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