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What Does Hiv Stand For
Human : Isolated to the human species.
Immuno deficiency : Lacking the ability to fight off infectious agents.
Virus : Disease causing agent.
What Does Aids Stand For
Acquired : Must do something to contract.
Immune : Ability to fight off infectious agents.
Deficiency : Lack of.
Syndrome : Cluster of symptoms that are characteristic for a disease.
How Is Hiv Transmitted
Sexual intercourse with a infected person.
Blood to blood transfusion with and infected person.
Infected mother to her baby either during pregnancy or birth process or through breast feeding.
How Is Hiv Not Transmitted
Hugging or kissing.
Touching or hand shaking.
Sharing a bathroom or toilet.
Coughing or sneezing.
Eating together or sharing utensils.
Swimming pools.
Sharing clothes.
Insect bite or houseflies.
Patient caring.
How Can Hiv Be Prevented
Safe Sex : Unless both partners have being tested to be hiv free the only safe sex is no sex at all. Other practices like masturbation, cuddling, hugging, rubbing, sticking to one partner and using condom which is 85 percent effective are safer sex practices.
Tested Blood : Using only pretested Hiv free blood.
Needles : Insist on your doctors and nurses to use sterile or disposable needles and instruments.
Pregnancy : Before taking any major step in life like marriage or having a child, ascertain that you are hiv free.
Wounds : Always make sure any cuts, scrapes, sores or wounds are cleansed and covered with a plaster at all times till they heal.
Blades : Never share your shaving blades with anyone and also ask your barber to use properly cleansed razor and a new blade during shaving.
How Can Hiv Be Detected
Spot test : Simple rapid test for finding out the hiv status of a person in which the result can be given to the patient within half an hour. Rarely there are chances of a false positive report and hence a positive report should be confirmed by doing elisa test.
Western blot test : Specialized and costly confirmatory test for hiv. Done only to confirm a positive elisa or spot test report. Ever since the standard of elisa and spot test has improved, the role of this test seems to be very little in diagnosis of hiv infection.
Cd4 and viral loading test : Very costly tests and done only on the affording patients who are willing to start antiretroviral drugs. It is mandatory to do pre-test and post-test counselling of all the patients before and after the test respectively.
Stages Of Hiv
Once in body, Hiv attacks cd4 type of our white blood cells and gradually kills them. These cd4 type of white blood cells helps us to fight against various infections. Once they are destroyed our bodys resistance to fight infections goes down and person suffers from lots of infections. It is these infections that eventually cause a persons death. This end stage of hiv is called aids. It takes many years for aids to develop depending on how healthy and clean a person keeps themselves and their surroundings and till that time an infected person usually remains healthy.
Symptoms Of Aids
Long standing, unexplained fever for more than a month.
Unexplained diarrhoea for more than a month.
Persistent cough for more than a month.
Persistent unexplained fatigue and weight loss of more than 5 kg within a short period of time.
White blotches in the mouth or on tongue.
Treating Hiv And Aids
Sympathetic attitude, family and public support.
Patient should be advised to take adequate rest and diet rich in proteins and vitamins.
Patient should not donate blood or organs.
Patient should not engage in sexual activities.
Patient should avoid eating outside food.
Patient should be encouraged to give up all habits like smoking, alcohol or chewing pan or tobacco.
Patient should drink boiled water.
Patient should be advised to do regular exercise or yoga.
If patients follow the above they can prolong their lives by a couple years and help prevent the virus from spreading.
Medical Treatment For Hiv And Aids
Early treatment from the family doctor on common problems like fever, cough, diarrhea etc.
Early detection and treatment of opportunistic infections like tb etc.
Many new antiretroviral drugs which prevent the spread of the virus and can postphone various complications are now available at selected places in the market but these medicines are very costly and require costly blood testing.
Medicines can prolong the life of the patient but not cure him. Currently there is no cure for hiv or aids. Herbal remedies merely a waste of money. Having sexual intercourse with a virgin would merely just spread the virus onto that person.
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